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Cover-More Group is focused on digital transformation and travel risk management across all our distribution channels. We are the partner of choice for globally recognised companies because we do more than just deliver our technology platforms, we back our technology up with a team of digital optimisation architects, and CX specialists with the experience, knowledge, and insights proven to increase yield and add real value to customer-facing offerings.

Direct-to-Consumer solutions for travel Insurance and speciality insurance such as car hire excess, pet, gadget and wedding. B2B2C solutions include embedded insurance, white label offers, NAC programs and agent platforms. We also offer travel risk management solutions for B2B2E.

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We are leading experts in global travel insurance and protection, with extensive capabilities for integrated partnerships within the travel industry, financial services and retail sectors in multiple regions around the world.
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Travel insurance, that’s always by your side. We cover travellers from Australia & New Zealand.



A leading travel insurance provider in the United States, with 25 years of industry expertise helping people dream, explore and travel with confidence.

Travellers from Latin America can travel protected anywhere in the world with the best travel assistance.

Worldwide medical, travel and security assistance for corporate travellers. Specialists in global travel risk management services, which help support travellers on the ground and the corporate risk managers responsible for their safety and wellbeing. is a ground-breaking online insurance service offering policies that are fully comprehensive, simple to understand, unbeatable value and accepted at all car rental locations worldwide.

A new kind of travel insurance – an indispensable travel insurance and safety app for the modern-day traveller – a few simple steps and travellers from Australia, New Zealand and North America are Freely to go.

Ireland’s award-winning travel insurance brand providing annual, single trip and backpacker travel insurance to suit different trips, budgets and needs. Blue also provides car hire excess insurance, and gadget and pet insurance.

Our online brand offers low-cost annual and single trip insurance policies in the United Kingdom.

Technology plus care

We have invested in technology at every step of the value chain from integrated purchase pathways to global tracking, intelligence and care platforms to locate and look after travellers at risk.

Our proprietary sales and product optimisation engine, ImpulseTM combines our ever-expanding knowledge of today’s traveller with the technology to capture any and all available customer data to significantly enhance conversion rates and average sale values.

The heart of ImpulseTM is its ability to allow for dynamic real-time optimisation of insurance offers. This means we can personalise the offer made to customers. In real time. But technology alone is not enough. It’s the experience we create with technology that is everything. And that is at the heart of our business promise.


Thinkers and doers

Through our vast experience in protecting the travel dreams and experiences of leisure and business travellers around the world, we have become a trusted leader and a strong voice in our industry. Our global team, individually and collectively, strives to connect with and guide others, through sharing our knowledge and insight.
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