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Our values

Globally minded
Cover-More Group’s talented and specialist team in India is critical to our ongoing global digital transformation and our ambition to be one of the largest and most respected providers of travel insurance globally.
Digital focused
Our team in India focuses on leveraging digital technologies to create new value in business models, customer experiences and internal business processes across our operations worldwide in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific.
India based
Headquartered in Mumbai, our India team drives continuous improvement in our global operations through the transfer of digital skills, drawing on deep industry expertise in the rapidly evolving fields of cloud, connectivity, software, digital engineering, platforms and ideation within an innovation ecosystem.
Our team
Why work
with us?
Shape the future
of technology
As a global company with unparalleled scale, a track record of pioneering innovation, and a huge and influential partnership base, we offer associates a chance to drive change and improve the lives of millions of people around the world.
Emphasis on diversity and inclusion
We value diversity and give equal employment opportunities to talented people from all geographies and walks of life. We embrace an inclusive workplace environment where talent and ideas are most important. We are one family. We provide a unique opportunity to work with a diverse set of highly experienced and mature professionals from all backgrounds.
Collaboration and
high energy
We strongly believe in teamwork. Success is not the result of one person’s effort but rather the collective effort of a high-performance team. Our high-energy teams continuously learn, share experiences and work closely to solve a customer business problem.
Performance Consistency
We lay very strong emphasis on delivering a consistently strong performance. Remuneration and salary revisions are completely performance based. We encourage employees to have a strong sense of accountability in the way they operate to deliver continuous profitable performance. We value excellence over short-term results.
Fun within the workplace
The energy of our team is palpable. We believe in having a light and fun workplace while at the same time delivering our goals. We actively promote a relaxed and fun atmosphere where employees trust, connect well with each other and collaborate comfortably. We don’t believe in a very formal, quiet and stiff environment. Our fun Fridays, celebrations, offsites and highly insightful Coffee Corner sessions are great examples of work and play going hand in hand.
Strong focus on
work ethics
Everything that we do is driven by a strong sense of ethics in our processes and, hence, is completely non-negotiable.
Emphasis on
open culture
Our team in India values ability more than experience. We have a ‘no fear’ environment and believe in an open culture where people are free to share ideas. We highly value new ideas and innovation in the workplace.

What we do in India

Best practices

We’re committed to working in the best way possible to deliver on our business goals while solving customer problems. In the technology arena, this means increasing efficiency through developing structured processes, while producing optimal results. We are industry certified, adhering to the wider sector’s requirements, while meeting our own strict measures of quality, and we consistently seek out optimum ways to achieve success.

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