A Dutch man and Australian football

In this blog post Hanno, who was born in The Netherlands, talks about his first impressions of Australian rules football or AFL after he watched the Gold Coast Suns AFL team play a game early in the 2019 season. Cover-More joined the Gold Coast Suns as a sponsorship partner in 2018.

On a recent Sunday afternoon, I joined some of my Cover-More colleagues at the Gold Coast Suns AFL match against Fremantle. It was my first live ‘Aussie rules’ game and for those of you in other countries it’s an exciting though slightly confusing game which is played with an oval ball on an oval pitch. At times during the game one of the umpires actually turns his back on the game to throw the ball back into play!

But I’m very pleased to say that the Suns won that day in a nail-biting finish. And with that win, the team personified important qualities that Cover-More also aspires to: never giving up, believing in each other and sharing the load. It’s a very good Australian partnership for our brand.

I’m very impressed with these words from the Suns’ recent #challengeaccepted campaign: “we work harder...we never give up…we’re not afraid to put ourselves out there...and it’s our actions that truly define us…so when someone tells that the path ahead will be tough, we say…challenge accepted.”

Posted on 04/01/2019