The personal touch of travel insurance

In his first blog post Hanno reveals how even before he joined Cover‑More, as Group CEO, his daughter needed emergency help on a trip and as a result his family christened one of Cover-More’s nurses ‘Aunty Deb’ because of the caring and compassionate help they received.

It’s the worst nightmare for a parent to receive a phone call that one of their children is ill or injured when they are away from home. It happened to my wife and me last year a few months before I joined Cover-More. Our daughter was travelling abroad and thankfully she was covered by Cover-More’s emergency assistance—a 24-hour, seven-day service where customers can get the help they urgently need for everything from a medical emergency to a lost or stolen passport. And so it turned out that Debra, an experienced registered nurse based in Cover-More in Sydney, Australia became ‘Aunty Deb’ to my daughter and to our whole family.

Debra gave us just the kind of personal, compassionate and professional care that you need when dealing with an unknown health care system in a foreign country. It was such a pleasure to be able to meet Debra a few months later when I arrived in Sydney. And yes, a hug was involved.

I am very proud to lead Cover-More knowing that my family’s own experience is replicated tens of thousands of times every year throughout the world. We are a company of people who care and who know how to help other people when distressing things happen to them.

Posted on 04/01/2019